Elderly Woman Dies Four Months After Randomly Getting Knocked Out by Stranger

Four months after being randomly punched in the face and knocked out, an elderly New York woman has passed away, says a report by ABC7.

Sixty-nine-year-old Eve Gentillon died Friday from injuries sustained from the attack, making it a homicide.

According to the NYPD, 28-year-old Richard Springer is already facing robbery, harassment and assault charges, but will soon possibly face increased charges.

The incident happened on October 15, when police say Springer walked up to Gentillon as he left a store and struck her one time in the in the head.

The blow knocked Gentillon to the ground, causing her to suffer a brain hemorrhage.

Moments before hitting the woman, Springer was seen on surveillance video fighting with workers inside the store during what authorities called an attempted robbery.

“This whole incident has really, really messed up everything in my life,” said daughter Marie Gentillion. “I really thought she was going to pull through. She opened her eyes. She was moving her body.”

She remembered her mother as “bigger than life.”

Springer is currently being held without bail.

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