Stephen A Smith Blasts ‘the Nerve’ of White People Telling Kaepernick, Black People How to Feel

Friday on ESPN’s “First Take,” co-host Stephen A. Smith weighed in on free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to no longer kneel for the national anthem.

Smith, who blasted Kaepernick Thursday for “looking incredibly opportunistic” for saying he would not kneel now that he is jobless, took to white people who thought Kaepernick’s protest in 2016 was disrespectful, chastising them for telling Kaepernick or other black people how they are supposed to feel when they “stirred that level of frustration” to begin with.

“There are certain things you can’t simply comprehend when it comes to black plight because you ain’t black,” Smith said. As a result of that, when this man takes the position he took and you have millions of African-Americans in this country who stood up and applauded him, it’s what they are speaking about. It is what they are alluding to. It is the inequities exacted against us as a nation of people that affects our thinking.”

He continued, “When you have been victimized — the most annoying things in the world to us is when those who have not been victimized or those who share a cultural identity to those who have victimized us trying to tell us how we are supposed to react to it. It fuels us even more because we are like, ‘How dare you, of all people, come to us.'”

“The nerve of anybody white telling Colin Kaepernick and black folks how they are supposed to feel or what is disrespectful when you are the one that stirred that level of frustration,” concluded Smith.

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