Transgender Student Upset After Being Told ‘You’re Not a Girl’ by Teacher’s Aide

A transgender student in Fort Worth, TX filed a complaint against a teacher’s aide after the aide allegedly told the student he is not a girl after he used the women’s restroom.

Ishy Valdez, 16, a junior at Castleberry High School, was at Tarrant County College for a class last Wednesday when the aide saw him exit the women’s restroom.

“She said, ‘Ismael, don’t start because I already have an issue with you using the women’s restroom,’” Valdez told Fox 4. “’The point is this is the women’s restroom, and you’re not a girl.’ It became very personal.”

Despite being born a male, Valdez said he feels more comfortable in the women’s restroom.

“In the women’s bathroom, I do feel more comfortable,” he told Fox 4. “I never get a second look.”

The aide told the student she would be talking to the principal about the incident, but Valdez said he has already reported it to the assistant principal.

The teacher’s aide reportedly has not been on the bus since the incident, but is still working at the school.

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