Sanders on Ryancare: ‘An Absolute Disaster,’ ‘a Disgrace’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” while discussing the Republicans the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act dubbed Obamacare, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called it “an absolute disaster” and “a disgrace.”

Sanders said, “It is an absolute disaster. It is a disgrace, and by the way, this really has nothing to do with healthcare. What, but this has everything to do with a massive shift of wealth from working people, low-income people to the very richest people of this country. It is a $275 billion tax break for the top two percent, millionaires will get about $50,000 a year in tax breaks while at the same time some five to 10 million people are going to lose their health insurance, premiums are going to soar AARP says that if you are 64 years of age and you make about 25,000 a year you are going to pay up to $7,000 more for your health insurance, they are going to defund Planned Parenthood, deny over 2 million women the right to choose the healthcare they need and designate Medicaid which is why the American medical association, the AMA, and the American Hospital Association are opposing it, in addition to the AARP. This is a disgrace. And by the way, they are so cowardly that they want to go forward before the CBO even gives an estimate as to how much it will cost and how many people will lose their insurance.”

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