Sanders: ‘Deductions Have Gone Up Too High’ Under OCare, GOP Plan Will ‘Result In People Dying’

During a town hall on MSNBC’s “All In” on Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) argued that the Republican Obamacare replacement plan is “going to result in people dying,” Obamacare has its flaws, such as deductions going up “too high,” and the goal should be improving Obamacare, rather than throwing it out.

Sanders said that under the GOP replacement “many of the folks who voted for Trump are going to be hurt the most.” He added, “[T]here is a reason why the American Medical Association opposes it, why the American Hospital Association opposes it, why AARP, and many groups, the AFL-CIO, many other organizations oppose it. … It’s going to result in people dying, because you don’t have health insurance, and you get sick, what do you do? You don’t go to the doctor. And by the time you get to the doctor, it could be too late.

Sanders further stated, “It’s easy to say — to rip apart the Affordable Care Act. You know what? It is not a perfect piece of legislation. Okay? We all agree with that. Deductions have gone up too high, premiums have gone up. It is not a perfect piece of legislation. The goal should be to improve it, not simply throw it out.”

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