FS1’s Cowherd, Whitlock to Pro Leagues: Don’t Mix Politics, Sports — ‘Bad Business’

Tuesday on Fox Sports 1’s “Speak for Yourself,” co-hosts Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock weighed in on the politicism of the NBA, questioning where studies show that fans want to see politics mixed in with sports.

“Show me the study — I’ve been doing this 30 years — where people want their sports and politics together,” Cowherd stated. “I love tuna fish. And I love ice cream. I don’t love tuna fish ice cream.”

“Show me the study where fans and consumers are demanding they’re together,” he continued. “I  think the NBA ratings are down 15 percent. They are down 28 percent in Ohio. So, show me where everybody loves — [ESPN] is down 50 percent across the board. The audience is telling you, ‘We like politics, but we turn to Fox News for it. And we like sports and we turn to you for it.’ show where the consumer is demanding we mix sports and politics. I’d like to see the study where it’s effective.

Whitlock agreed, but added that “traditional sports fans” do not want “hyper-left politics” in sports.

“I think there’s some truth in what you’re saying. I think traditional sports fans and most sports fans don’t want hyper-left politics in their sports. I think there is consistency and synergy between conservative values, which are taught in sports. And so much of it has been left that I think it is bad business,” Whitlock said.

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