CBS’s Jim Spanarkel on Coworker Allie LaForce: ‘I’ve Learned not to Argue with Pretty Women’

Thursday during the NCAA Basketball Tournament’s opening round matchup between West Virginia and Bucknell, CBS analyst Jim Spanarkel said he has “learned not to argue with pretty women.”

Sideline reporter Allie LaForce relayed Bucknell coach Nathan Davis’ plan to stop West Virginia’s offensive rebounding in the second half when play-by-play announcer Verne Lundquist asked Spanarkel, “[H]ow do you feel about that?”

“I agree with Allie,” Spanarkel replied. “I always agree with Allie, though.”

“I know you do,” said Lundquist.

“Well, I’ve learned not to argue with pretty women,” Spanarkel added. “Like the people in my house, I don’t get in trouble with the people that are in my house either, so eight offensive rebounds, Allie, is really a problem when you think about it, from the standpoint of Bucknell.”

(h/t Awful Announcing)

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