FS1’s Sharpe: Trump ‘Loves This Power,’ ‘Wants to Rule By Fear’ Like Putin

Tuesday, Fox Sports 1 “Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe reacted to President Donald Trump’s Monday rally comments addressing quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s slow free agent market.

According to Sharpe, Trump “loves his power” and “wants to rule by fear” in the same manner Vladimir Putin rules Russia.

“[W]hy he’s having a rally, I would think that a sitting president would be more focused on his agenda and in governing than going to rallies, but, hey, that’s him. He just talked about the action that led to the protest. He won’t mention that because you know why? Because that’s unimportant to him. He doesn’t care about Colin Kaepernick’s struggle and what Colin Kaepernick is trying to draw attention to,” Sharpe said of Trump.

“If you want to know a lot about a person, give him power. See, President Trump, he loves this power, because he says the owners fear of getting a nasty tweet from Donald Trump,” he continued. “You’re talking about men worth billions and billions of dollars, and they fear. And that’s how he wants to govern.”

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