Ingraham to Trump: Stay Focused on Promises to Country, Don’t Allow Investigation to Be Used to Get Off Track

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” conservative radio host Laura Ingraham advised President Donald Trump to remain on track when it comes delivering his promises to the country and to not allow the investigation into his ties with Russia to get him off track.

“I do think it’s probably pretty wise at this point for President Trump to not to tweet issues or points that are tangential or that are not factually confirmed,” Ingraham said. “I think three weeks ago when he — or two weeks ago when he tweeted that comment out about Obama wiretapping, that was a mistake, and I think he should stay focused on the things he promised the country that he would do.”

“This investigation is going to run its course,” she added. “But they are going to try to use this to get him off track every chance they can. They want to use it to try to get him off track and try to hurt his credibility. That’s their goal. They want him out.”

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