Watch: Wisconsin Police Officer Calls Back IRS Scammer

An Eau Claire, WI police officer got a call from a man pretending to be an IRS agent accusing the officer of fraud, so he decided to return the call and have the conversation filmed.

In the video, the scammer asks the officer, Kyle Roder, for his address when he does not know his case number.

“But you said you’re going to issue a warrant for me and come to my house,” Roder responds. “If you don’t have my address, how are you going to do that?”

The two went back and forth before Roder asked the “agent” for his name and badge number.

“This is James Maxwell, and I’m holding a badge number of ML0544501221, that’s my badge number, sir,” the scammer says.

Roder asks him to repeat it so he can jot it down, but the scammer slips up by saying his name is “James Johnson.”

The officer then replies, “I thought you said it was James Maxwell last time.”

“James Maxwell Johnson, sir,” the scammer says.

The video then cuts to Detective Don Henning, who explains that sheriff departments do not get arrest warrants from the IRS.

The Eau Claire Police Department wanted to post the video to educate others about phony IRS scams.

(h/t KFOR)

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