Coulter to Trump: Win Dems Over Not By ‘Pushing Socialist Ideas,’ But By Writing Bills They Can’t Vote Against

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter, author of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” called on President Donald Trump not to try to win Democrats over by catering to their ideology, but by offering legislation that would be difficult to vote against and voting against could hurt their reelection bids.

“I keep hearing from what I guess Reince Priebus said this weekend that the new White House plan is to appeal to Democrats and reach out to Democrats,” Coulter said. “Trump is a charming person. I’m sure he will be lovely to them. But I think instead of trying to get Democrat votes by giving into them, by pushing socialist ideas — the way you get Democrats to vote for your bills is by writing bills that they can’t vote against because they have to stand for reelection, as you will see with my Obamacare fix this Wednesday.”

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