GOP Sen Graham: Nunes ‘Put His Objectivity In Question,’ Doing an ‘Inspector Clouseau Investigation’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Today,” Senator Lindsey Graham criticized House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) for conducting “sort of an Inspector Clouseau investigation here,” and putting “his objectivity in question, at the very least.”

Graham said that he thinks Nunes “put his objectivity in question, at the very least.” He added that Nunes should share the information he was given that suggested improper conduct regarding the Trump transition team with others on the committee, and if he doesn’t do that, “then I think he’s lost his ability to lead.” Graham also criticized Democrats on the committee for “becoming prosecutors.”

He added that he believes “the House is off track and probably can’t get back on track.” But declined to say whether or not Nunes should step down as committee chair.

Graham also stated that he thinks Nunes’ conduct is “a little bizarre.” And “The problem that he’s created is he’s gone off on a lark by himself, sort of an Inspector Clouseau investigation here, trying to find some unmasking information about collection incidental with the Trump campaign and some foreign agent outside of Russia.”

(h/t Grabien)

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