Rubio: Assad, Putin Now Understand There Could Be Consequences Other Than a Nasty Letter From the U.N.

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) weighed in on President Donald Trump’s decision to strike an air base in Syria in response to a chemical weapon attack allegedly conduct by the Syrian government earlier in the week.

Rubio praised the decision and said it put other actors around the world on notice.

“This morning, Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin and Iran, and Hezbollah and others understand they have a different cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment,” Rubio said. “Up until this point, they figured we can do whatever we want and nothing will happen to us other than some nasty letter from the U.N. Now they understand there very well can be consequences including the loss of aircraft. It’s not like Syria has the biggest air force in the world. And the loss of important and strategic facilities. So I do think this will impact their behavior, especially in the short term.”

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