Fmr Obama Official Farkas: ‘Disturbing’ Rice Story Was Leaked and Distracted Us from Russia

Former deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for President Barack Obama Evelyn Farkas called a report “disturbing” that former national security adviser Susan Rice unmasked American citizens involved with Donald Trump’s campaign, adding that the leak is a distraction from the investigation into Russia-Trump campaign collusion allegations.

“The thing is that what we’ve heard are a bunch of allegations that came out in a newspaper article,” Farkas told MSNBC show host Joy Reid. “Somebody was leaking how Susan Rice was handling classified information, intelligence. So that in and of itself is disturbing. And, when they leaked, they didn’t give the full story because, of course, they would have been violating the law even further if they told us, or the reporter, that is, what it was that Susan Rice was reading.”

Farkas continued, “I think it’s very disturbing that these half stories are getting out into the press through these leaks and they are distracting us from the real investigation, the real problem here, which is that Russia interfered in the U.S. elections in 2016 and the FBI is investigating that.”

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