Chris Wallace: Trump ‘Apparently Thinks Transparency Is Overrated’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” during the panel discussion about the news that the White House will not release visitor logs and President Donald Trump not release his tax returns, host Chris Wallace declared that Trump “thinks transparency is overrated.”

“There was another change this week by this president, not a change in his policy, but from the previous presidents,” Wallace said. “He now says that this White House is no longer going to routinely release visitor logs showing who’s coming to the White House, who they’re meeting with, as President Obama did. And another interesting development this weekend, there were massive marches across the country, people protesting. These were called tax marches. People demanding that President Trump releases his tax returns as presidents have routinely since Jimmy Carter. And that was the subject of a tweet this morning from President Trump. Let’s put it up on the screen. The president apparently not liking those marches. He says, “I did what was an almost impossible thing to do for a Republican, easily won the electrical college. Now tax returns are brought up again? Gillian, this president apparently thinks transparency is overrated.”

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