Dan Rather: ‘Way Too Early’ to Praise Trump as Presidential for Dropping Bombs

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” former CBS “Evening News” anchor Dan Rather said it was “too early” to declare President Donald Trump as presidential for dropping bombs.

Rather said, “Dropping bombs, having missile strikes doesn’t make one presidential. There’s an old story here and I among others have much to answer for in the press that just because the president exerts himself as commander in chief, there’s a natural inclination and an unhealthy one to say, ‘boy, that makes him presidential or strong.’ It’s easy to drop bombs and easy to put missiles off. What comes after that, dealing with what comes in the wake of that is much more difficult. So, yes, I was critical of those and raised the question of those who said this makes Trump presidential.”

“I gently and hope respectfully disagree with that,” he continued. “What makes one presidential is can you keep the peace. Now if it turns out that’s theses actions keep the peace we can say well that a good move but it’s way too early to say that. We are in danger here. There’s a lot of things, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, South China Sea. These are real powder kegs with a fairly short fuse burning. Before we make decisions on being, quote, presidential, we need to see how it plays out.”

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