Woodward: Trump ‘Ruthless,’ a ‘Pragmatist’

During this week’s “Fox News Sunday,” Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward described President Donald Trump as pragmatic in his leadership style amid rumors that chief strategist Steve Bannon is falling out of favor with the president.

Woodward said Trump treats his staffing decisions like a “menu” in that he mixes and matches his staff.

“In terms of his staff, as best I can tell, it’s a menu for him. ‘I’ll take this one. I’ll take that one. And I’m not going to have dessert. I’m not going to have Bannon. I’m not going to have…’ — and so, I would not reach any sweeping conclusions,” Woodward told host Chris Wallace.

He continued, “The real question is, as an executive, is this going to work for him, because you’re going to get stories like in my newspaper, which is quite well done, that there is a battle going on and the battle and the discussion should be about the policy, not the personalities.”

Woodward then said Trump is “ruthless” because people will come and go under him.

“We know from the campaign, three campaign managers, he’s ruthless,” he later added. “You come and you go. And the people who are wise about him realize that they may be here now, but maybe not tomorrow.”

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