Palin: I’m ‘Extremely Thankful’ Trump Has Been Elected

Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” 2008 GOP vice-presidential nominee and former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin said on the mark of President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office she was “extremely thankful that he has been elected.”

Partial transcript as follows:

TAPPER: So let me ask you, we’re approaching President Trump’s 100th day. It will be a week from Saturday. What do you think? What kind of grade would you give him?

PALIN: I’m obviously extremely thankful that he has been elected because, you know, so many of us in America knew that the status quo had to go. And we could not afford another term of Obama via Hillary Clinton’s presidency if she were to be elected. So very thankful Trump was elected. Thankful that he understands that Americans expect America to be great and to be strong in order for the world to be more peaceful and more safe, more secure. So very thankful Trump is fulfilling a lot of the promises that he made to lead, not from behind but to have America lead from up front, letting the rest of the world know that, you know, we expect peace in this world. We don’t want to have to intervene in other nations. We don’t want to have to intervene and try this regime change throughout other lands, and we can get to that as long as America is safe and secure and is a leader on the globe, and that to me is Trump’s mission, which I appreciate.

TAPPER: But they have called for regime change in Syria.

PALIN: Well, I think what the objective is though is to not have to intervene and tell any other country who should rule and how they should live and whether they should have a democracy ruling the people or not. And we’re able to, like I say, get there by leading as an example, having our own ports swept, if you will, in America before we’re over there telling other countries they better sweep their porch. We have to get it together here in America, be safe, be secure, be sovereign and solvent so we can be that shining light, an example for other countries.

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