FS1’s Cowherd: Tebow ‘Doesn’t Deserve to Play Major League Baseball’

During his Friday Fox Sports Radio show “The Herd,” Colin Cowherd ripped Tim Tebow’s decision to play baseball after 10 years of focusing on football in college and the NFL.

Cowherd said he’s rooting against Tebow to make a major league roster because he does not want to see someone make it without putting in the work.

“Why would we root for Tebow to be able to just step into baseball, which he didn’t play for 10 years, and excel?” Cowherd asked. “He’s a crappy Single-A player, and that’s great because what it shows you, Michael Jordan was a crappy Double-A player, is you can’t just mail it in.”

He went on to note how people in other professions put in the time and effort to become good at their jobs.

“I’m rooting against Tim Tebow to walk into baseball and flourish, and I rooted against Michael Jordan to walk into baseball and flourish. They’ve both been exposed as dreamers and lousy once they got out of their lane,” Cowherd continued.

Cowherd then accused Tebow of not working hard enough and being “not willing to take the steps to be great” because he refused to play in the Canadian Football League and took contracts with the New York Jets and New England Patriots over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He concluded, “[Tebow] doesn’t deserve to play Major League Baseball or be a franchise quarterback.”

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