Roger Clemens: I Should’ve Told My PED Accusers ‘to Go Sh*t in Their Hats’

Former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens said in an interview that aired Wednesday on Audience Network’s “Undeniable with Joe Buck” that if he knew what he knows now, he would have some harsh words for his performance enhancing drug accusers.

Clemens described the Mitchell Report investigation as “nothing short [of] a Jerry Springer Show,” adding that he regrets not telling the accusers “to go sh*t in their hat” because he passed every drug test.

Instead, Clemens said the investigation was money-driven.

“What I know now is, I should’ve just put my wallet on the table at the beginning because that’s all it was really about at the end of the day,” Clemens told Buck.

The Mitchell Report came out in December 2007, accusing almost 70 players of PED use.

Clemens’ 354–184 record, 11 All-Star appearances, seven Cy Young awards and career 3.12 ERA are Hall of Fame numbers, but he only received 54.1 percent of the required 75 percent of the vote to be inducted.

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