Kasich: Repealing Medicaid Expansion ‘Would Devastate People’ in Ohio

On Monday’s broadcast of “CBS This Morning,” Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) argued that repealing Medicaid expansion “would devastate people in my state.”

Kasich was asked about what impact repealing Medicaid expansion would have. He answered, “That would devastate people in my state. Now there is a way to fix all of this. And I don’t think there’s anybody that doesn’t think that Obamacare can’t be improved. The exchanges, there’s ways in which you can fix Medicaid and Medicaid expansion. But the funny thing is, it’s gotten so bad that when the Republicans took over, they never thought about talking to Democrats. Nothing big ever can be sustained if you don’t have both parties working with it, whether it’s the Balanced Budget Act of ’97, whether it’s reforming welfare. You have to have people working together in that place.”

(h/t Grabien)

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