Warren: Liberals Get a Reputation for Talking Down to People ‘Because Sometimes They Do’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) argued that liberals are viewed as talking down to people “because sometimes they do.”

Anchor Chris Matthews said, “[A] lot of times, it comes across — when the liberals make their case as cultural superiority, looking down on people. They say, wait, a minute, they’re talking down to me. … How come liberals get hit with the rap they’re talking down to people?”

Warren responded, “Well, because sometimes they do. You know, look, I’m not going to get out there and tell people they somehow heard things wrong. I think the real point is, we’ve got to talk with everyone where they are. That’s what’s critically important. And let me say this about Donald Trump, Donald Trump got out. He tapped into a real anger in America, a legitimate anger in America, people who are angry because their kids can’t get an education without getting crushed by student loan debt, angry that their kids can’t get decent jobs in this economy, angry that after a lifetime of hard work, that nobody can afford to retire with some dignity, angry that they bust their tails, and just keep falling further and further behind.”

She continued, “So, here’s how I see this going forward, and that is, I don’t have to make jokes about Donald Trump. I don’t have to talk about, you know, name-calling or anything else. for me, it’s now he is building a record. … Our job is to focus on what he does, and then, to hold him accountable, because at the end of the day, when we hit the next round of elections, 2018, the question is going to be, whose side did these folks fight on?”

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