Watch: Bill Maher Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ — She Was Not Amused

During Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO, host Bill Maher took a shot at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), calling her “Pocahontas.”

Maher’s jab was in reference to President Donald Trump mocking Warren’s claim to be “1/32 Cherokee, descendant of Delaware Indians.”

“[Trump’s] fans are not with you,” Maher told Warren. “Explain to me what that disconnection is.”

“Actually, I’m going to push back,” she responded. “I disagree with you.”

“His fans are not with you,” Maher repeated. “Come on. They don’t like you, Pocahontas.”

Maher laughed at his joke, but Warren stared blankly for a few seconds before continuing the conversation.

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