Former Clinton Pollster Mark Penn: Polls Still Wrong About Trump

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Mark Penn, a former pollster for Bill and Hillary Clinton and now the chairman of the Harris Poll, argued the polling conducted to measure the early stages of Donald Trump’s presidency are still wrong, just as they were wrong in last year’s presidential election.

“Well, we have to be wary of a kind of polling bubble,” Penn explained to host Tucker Carlson. “I mean, the polls have switched, many of them from voters to in fact U.S. adults. And they don’t screen for either citizenship or likelihood to vote anymore. So, that’s a whole different group. And we haven’t come together after this election the way we normally come together after elections. And so, these polls really don’t reflect the electorate. When you look at the electorate, it is pretty simple math. You know, 94 to 96 percent of Trump voters say they are sticking him.”

“That would be 94, 95 percent or 46 percent, that is 43,” he continued. “About 10 percent of the people didn’t vote for him approve of him, and that would be about 48. And realistically, we are right back where we were on Election Day, and we are not set back the way most of these polls show.”

Penn went on to explain the questions asked by those conducting the polling come from a perspective that neglects the issues that drew many Americans to Trump.

“One of the big things here to me is that when you look at the questions that pollsters ask, they are the kind of questions that you make up in New York, Washington or Los Angeles,” Penn said. “None of them covered whether or not sanctuary cities are popular, corruption in Washington, you know, support for the police.”

“None of them really covered even, you know — hire American, buy American,” he continued. “None of them typically cover all of the Trump message points. They typically cover all the opposition message points. And so, therefore, they are in a bubble. They don’t see both sides. And America is split. There are two sides.”

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