Kaine: Trump Jr.-Russia Meeting Means Mueller ‘Has an Awful Lot More to Work With’

During a portion of an interview aired on Monday’s “MSNBC Live,” Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) criticized President Trump for being “naïve” on Russia and stated that after this weekend and the revelation of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer, special counsel Robert Mueller has a lot more to work with.

Kaine said, “[W]hen Donald Trump meets with — President Trump meets with Vladimir Putin, and then says, hey, we think we can work together on cybersecurity issues to protect our elections. That is so naïve. If you walked into a guy — a meeting with a guy who cyber-attacked our democracy and you walk out thinking you can work together, you are — you’re just a complete babe in the woods in terms of naïveté. And then you add to it this thing with Donald Trump Jr., over and over again, I don’t know Russians. I haven’t had contacts with Russians. Oh, gosh, you’re right. I did have a meeting with a Russian agent, oh, and it was about trying to find out information that could help us beat Hillary in the presidential election. I’ll just say this, after this weekend, the special prosecutor, Mueller, has an awful lot more to work with, an awful lot more to work with.”

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