Sekulow: ‘No Reason to Believe That the President’s Under Investigation’ – POTUS Not Thinking About Firing Mueller

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Jay Sekulow, a member of President Trump’s legal team, reacted to the reported empaneling of a grand jury by Special Counsel Bob Mueller by stating that there is no reason to believe the president is under investigation and that the president isn’t thinking of firing Mueller.

Sekulow said that while there was no advance notice, which he stated isn’t unusual, the empaneling of the grand jury isn’t a surprise and is “very much standard operating procedure” in a case like this.

He added, “But with respect to the empaneling of the grand jury, we have no reason to believe that the president’s under investigation here.” He later said that there are no revelations that suggest the president is under investigation.

Sekulow stated that he doesn’t know anything about the report that subpoenas have been issued with regards to Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 Russia meeting. He added that while a grand jury empaneling is standard, grand jury proceedings are supposed to be secret.

He also said that a grand jury “goes a long way in moving the process forward.”

Sekulow also said that speculation about the president firing Mueller is untrue and “the president is not thinking about firing Bob Mueller.” Sekulow added that this decision isn’t something that he would be involved in and the president hasn’t raised dismissing Mueller with him.

Sekulow added that he wouldn’t do anything with regards to Mueller, but that this isn’t his decision to make.

Anchor Neil Cavuto asked Sekulow if the president is “frustrated” with Mueller. Sekulow responded by saying his conversations with the president are privileged.

Sekulow further stated that conflict of interest issues have not been raised with regards to Mueller. He also expressed confidence that Mueller will move “expeditiously forward in this process, as it relates to the president of the United States.”

He later stated that looking into real estate deals from a decade ago would be “way outside the scope of the mandate, and we would certainly object to that.”

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