Dem Sen Blumenthal: ‘Any Kind of Crime Is Fair for the Special Prosecutor to Pursue’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) argued that it would be fair for Special Counsel Bob Mueller to pursue any kind of crime.

Anchor Erin Burnett asked Blumenthal, “What about if they’re looking at financials and they find a financial crime, but it is not related to the election or to Russia? … Is that fair game, as it was for President Clinton?”

Blumenthal answered, “For the special counsel to be pursuing financial crimes or dealings that may lead him to charge others, like Michael Flynn, with financial crimes, and then for Michael Flynn to provide evidence that’s relevant to collusion and conspiracy between that Trump campaign and the Russians, also is well within the mandate of the special counsel.”

Burnett followed up to ask if Blumenthal was saying that it isn’t fair game if the special counsel finds a crime that isn’t related to the election or Russia.

He responded, “Any kind of crime is fair for the special prosecutor to pursue. If the special prosecutor finds a violation of law, he can pursue it himself, or he can turn it over to another prosecutor.”

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