Fmr Clinton Spokesperson: Trump Tries to Distract From Russia Investigation With Bombastic Comments About North Korea

Karen Finney, former spokesperson for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said in a Saturday appearance on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” that any time new information comes out regarding the Russia investigation, President Trump tries to distract everyone and “throw us off the trail” because he is “very concerned” about what could turn up.

“[T]he question will be, I think, will any of those entanglements, particularly involving various Russian bankers and oligarchs, will there be any kind of a connection back to [Paul] Manafort and some of the various dealings and people that he also has dealt with?” Finney explained.

She continued, “I think that’s part of why anytime it feels like the investigation is getting a little closer to Trump and to his finances, got to go out and say something bombastic about North Korea. Got to go back to Twitter and say something about Venezuela. It just feels like time and time again Trump is trying to throw us off the trail, and I have to believe he’s very concerned about these latest developments with Manafort and these records.”

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