Charles Hurt: Bannon a ‘Disruptor’ — ‘Very Good Charging the Gates From the Outside’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Washington Times opinion editor Charles Hurt said Steve Bannon was “very good charging the gates from the outside.”

Hurt said, “But, you know, in terms of Steve Bannon leaving, you know — and I think Bob is exactly right in a lot of ways. You know, Bannon is a disruptor. He’s not an insider. He’s an outsider. He’s very good charging the gates from the outside. And I think he will return to doing just that and that’s why he was very valuable to Donald Trump in the election. I think he certainly helped get Donald Trump elected. That’s not to say that he is somehow Trump’s brain or anything like that.”

He added, “Donald Trump and Steve Bannon arrived, you know, in agreement on so many of these issues independent of one another but they both believe them. And I think that in that respect, the Trump agenda is in good hands. The question is, will Republicans on Capitol Hill defend the conservative values?”

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