Donny Deutsch: Trump Displays ‘So Many of the Traits of a Sociopath’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” while commenting on President Donald Trump’s speech in Arizona a night earlier, network contributor Donny Deutsch said Trump was displaying “traits of a sociopath.”

Deutsch said, “I did some homework, and there’s nothing glib about this. I need about 40 seconds, how to determine if someone’s a sociopath.”

“What a sociopath is, a condition that prevents people from adopting to ethical and behavioral standards and community,” Deutsch said, as he read from a sheet of paper. “Sociopaths are usually extremely charming and charismatic. Sociopaths often time feel entitled to certain positions, people, and things. They believe their own beliefs and opinions are the absolute authority and disregard others. They’re rarely shy and insecure and at a loss for words. They have trouble suppressing emotional responses like anger and impatience or annoyance.”

He continued, “They do bizarre, risky, and outrageous things without assessing repercussions. They’re professional liars. They fabricate stories and make outlandish, untruthful statements, and they get comfortable with their lying. They get bored easily and require constant stimulation. Sociopaths are incapable of experiencing guilt or shame for their actions. They’re manipulative. They may try to influence and dominate people to gain positions of leadership. They have a hard time dealing with criticism.”

“What is wrong with this man?” Deutsch added. “It’s interesting, so many of the traits of a sociopath, this man is displaying.”

(h/t NTK)

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