Strange Predicts Win: Polls ‘Almost ‘Meaningless,’ It Is About ‘Ground Game’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) said he was confident he will beat his opponent former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore next Tuesday because now it is all about “ground game effort,” therefore “the polls are almost meaningless.”

When asked if he has the votes to win, Strange said, “I do. I think this is going to be a ground game effort now. The polls are almost meaningless at this point. It’s who gets their voters out to the polls. The fact that the president is coming in and vice president on Monday night—to have the president and the vice president say, ‘This is the guy we need in Washington because we can work with him. He’s effective, he understands how to get things done.’ I think that’s going to be the difference in the race. I really do.”

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