Obama: Our Country ‘Suffers’ Because People Stay in Congress for 30 Years

Thursday in Sao Paulo, Brazil, former President Barack Obama said one of the problems with politics dealt with some members of Congress occupying their seats for 20 to 30 years.

Obama said, “I think politics suffer when you have the same people staying in power over and over and over again for many years, and there is never any new blood, and there are never any new ideas, and they get more and more entrenched.”

He continued, “If you are in power too long, even with the best intentions you become stale, and your government becomes stale, and over time you will not do what’s best for the country, and the country will suffer.”

He added, “I see sometimes in the U.S. Congress, people who have been there 20 or 30 years, and they are blocking a 25- or a 35-year-old who is more of their time and could be more innovative and creative in terms of solving problems we face today rather than the problems we had 35 years ago.”

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