RNC Chair to CNN’s Blitzer: Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein ‘Not Even Comparable,’ Comparison Is ‘Disrespectful’

Monday on CNN’s “Wolf,” host Wolf Blitzer brought up President Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape to Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, who has called on Democrats to return Harvey Weinstein’s donations in light of his sexual harassment allegations.

McDaniel said, “It is not even comparable. To even make that comparison is disrespectful to the president. He didn’t have eight settlements; he didn’t have women coming forward saying what––I mean, Harvey Weinstein admits that he did that. This isn’t even comparable.”

She added, “Here’s the difference, Wolf. The president apologized for that, and many Republicans came out and said those comments weren’t appropriate. The difference is Harvey Weinstein is a major bundler for the DNC. They have embraced him. He has admitted to these instances where he put women in completely inappropriate situations, that he was a sexual predator and we’re just saying to the Democratic party, give his money back. If you stand for what you say you do, for women’s rights, if you are champions of women, give his money back. Where’s Hillary Clinton? Where’s she standing on this issue? She’s been silent. Her silence is deafening. So I applaud the Democrats who are giving back that money. They’re doing the right thing. This isn’t a partisan issue. All of us should be speaking out against the sexual predator, using his power to put women in terrible situations.”

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