Ellison on Eminem’s Anti-Trump Rap: He’s ‘Just Being True,’ ‘We Need Him’ to Be the ‘Kaepernick of the Rap World’

Wednesday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) told TMZ that Eminem’s rap video “The Storm,” which is critical of President Donald Trump, was an “important cultural contribution.”

Ellison said, “Eminem and many artists make an important cultural contribution, and we need to embed within our culture that voting is an obligation, is a responsibility, and that if you don’t vote, that’s not a protest. You can’t boycott the vote. If you boycott the vote, you just make sure somebody else is in there who doesn’t like you.”

He continued, “What Eminem is doing is just being true to his art, which is to inspire and motivate, so I’m grateful to him for that. I love this trend. I hope that others follow suit. You know Eminem could be the Colin Kaepernick of the rap world if he just keeps it up.”

He added, “We need him to do that. We need him to do that.”

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