Maddow: Trump Dossier Holding Up Despite GOP Attacks

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Reuters national security correspondent Mark Hosenball and host Rachel Maddow discussed the now-infamous Russia dossier on President Donald Trump.

Maddow said, “Hosenball reports today that some key Republican members of Congress are working to undermine the dossier and intelligence officer who put it together. We know it’s been the subject of congressional investigation. Mark Hosenball documents how some Republicans are trying to undermine it and turn it into a scandal.

She continued, “There’s a very specific part of this we’ve been trying to suss out for months. We have been trying to figure out for months trying to figure out if any of the investigation in the dossier thus far has disproven any of the claims in the dossier.  We know they have been looking into it, fighting about it, partisan fighting about it. But while looking into it has there been a conclusion in the committees that anything in the dossier is false? We’ve been trying to figure it out for months. Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is on the Judiciary Committee in the Senate — one of them doing an investigation. Sheldon Whitehouse is privy to what they’re learning, and he goes on the record with Mark Hosenball today. This is what he said, quote, ‘As I understand it, a great deal of his information, in the dossier, remains unproven but none of it has been disproven, and considerable amounts of it have been proven.’ Oh, really? Tell me more.”

Hosenball said, “There’s certainly a lot of people in the intelligence community who believe the basic point of the dossier. From what I can tell, the dossier itself helped to touch off this entire investigation into Trump and Russia. And remains kind of the spine of both investigations by intelligence agencies, FBI and at least the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is why two other committees in Congress, House Intelligence Committee, and Senate Judiciary Committee seem to be devoting energy and resources to try to discredit it.”

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