Alter: ‘Pathetic’ That Trump ‘Is a Destroyer’ – Even Putin Thinks He’s ‘Wrong on Iran’

On Saturday’s “MSNBC Live,” Daily Beast columnist and MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter argued President Trump just wants to destroy anything President Obama did and “Even Vladimir Putin” thinks Trump is “wrong on Iran.”

Alter said, “It’s really pathetic. You know, this is a guy who’s supposedly a builder in the private sector. Now all he is is a destroyer. He just wants to take down anything that Barack Obama did. That’s no way to govern. We need some continuity in this country, and our allies expect it. Even Vladimir Putin thinks he’s wrong on Iran. You know, the only support he has is from Netanyahu, and there are all these reports that everybody in the intelligence community in Israel thinks it’s a terrible idea for Israel’s security, not to mention the security of the rest of the world, for them to blow up this Iran deal.”

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