Pelosi: This Is the Week Trump ‘Went Rogue,’ White House Is in ‘Chaos’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said President Donald Trump “went rogue” last week.

Pelosi said, “You’re suggesting that we sit down with the president. The president says repeal and replace. Where is the replace? We haven’t seen anything. I don’t think — I think that — this week, the week of Friday the 13th is the week that President Trump went rogue. He went rogue on women’s health, in particular, the Affordable Care Act, the Iran decision that he made — and as he continues his war on the middle class, with his unfair tax plans. So, so many things that are not based on evidence and that’s problematic. Not based on evidence.”

She added, “But we’re moving from one thing to the next because that’s the chaos that is — exists in the in White House right now.”

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