Flake: I Hope We Have ‘Tipping Point’ on Trump Like Welch With McCarthy

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” cited Joseph Welch’s denunciation of Joseph McCarthy and stated he hopes we’re near a point like that where people will stand up against President Trump’s behavior.

Anchor Chuck Todd asked Flake about the lack of Republicans in the Senate who are willing to agree with Flake publicly and stated that if more Republicans in the Senate criticized Trump it would mean more.

Flake answered, “I hope we get there. There was — it was mentioned earlier, there was a bit of a parallel back in the 1950s, during the McCarthy era. And it took a hearing where it was Welch, Joseph Welch, of the chief counsel for the Army, to come out and he said, ‘Have you no [sense of] decency, sir?’ Or, this is enough. There was a turning point, a tipping point. There are hinges of history that, you know, that happen. I hope we’re nearing that. I hope there are enough people who will stand up. And I think, as elected leaders, it’s our responsibility to do that and not just wait for the groundswell and wait for the people to direct us. We ought to actually lead.”

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