GOP Sen Flake: Trump Directing FBI to Go After Hillary ‘Not Normal,’ ‘We Shouldn’t Condone It’

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said it was “not normal” and that we “shouldn’t condone” President Donald Trump tweeting that the FBI should be investigating former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Flake said, “I felt that I could not run the kind of race I would need to run to be competitive. I could not speak out as I am now and as I have been over the past several months. There is no way you can be competitive in a Republican primary particularly in a state like Arizona right now if you don’t agree with the president’s position or condone his behavior.”

He continued, “You can’t win a Republican primary right now if you are willing to stand up and say this is not right, this is not normal.”

He added, “It is not normal to have a president come out like he did on Friday and try to direct the FBI and federal agencies to go after former political opponents. That is not normal, and we shouldn’t condone it.”

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