Trump: China and Russia Must Sever Trade and Technology Ties With North Korea

During a speech in South Korea on Tuesday, President Trump wondered why China would feel obligated to help North Korea and called on both China and Russia to cut trade and technology ties with North Korea.

While detailing the abuses of the North Korean regime, Trump said, “North Korean women are forced to abort babies that are considered ethnically inferior, and if these babies are born, the newborns are murdered. One woman’s baby born to a Chinese father was taken away in a bucket. The guard said it did not deserve to live because it was impure. So, why would China feel an obligation to help North Korea?”

Later on, he called on all nations, “including China and Russia, to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions, downgrade diplomatic relations with the regime, and sever all ties of trade and technology.”

He continued, “It is our responsibility and our duty to confront this danger together. Because the longer we wait, the greater the danger grows, and the fewer the options become. And to those nations that choose to ignore this threat, or worse still, to enable it, the weight of this crisis is on your conscience.”

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