Nicolle Wallace: Last Night Was Suburban Mothers Rejecting Trump

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” host Nicolle Wallace discussed last night’s victories for Democrats in key races in Virginia and New Jersey and said it was a rejection of President Donald Trump by “mothers” who “don’t want someone like that as the figure head of our country.”

Wallace said, “The day after President Trump took office, billions of people frustrated by the results of the election turned anger into action. Cities around the country filled with protesters. it was called the Women’s March. One chant we heard over and over that day—we’re not going away. At the time, many on the far right saw it as a punch line. March around all you want, but it’s fact that Trump won. So the question we all ask, would it make a difference? Last night we got our answer. Among female voters, Democrat Ralph Northam beat Republican Ed Gillespie by 22 points. Hillary Clinton beat President Trump by only 17 points among Virginia women.”

She added, “If you are raising a child, you’ve spent the last 12 months muting the television. You’ve muted your conversations with your friends. I for one—’hi, honey. how was your day at work?’ I can’t even tell my husband about my day at work with the children around. When he trolls female anchors about their plastic surgery, is someone who grabbed them in the — mothers have by and large said I don’t want someone like that as the figure head of our country.”

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