Biden: No One Knows Hillary’s Positions on Middle Class, But ‘It’s Not on Her’ – Coverage Never Gave Her a Chance

On Monday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Today,” former Vice President Joe Biden argued that 2016 Democratic presidential nominee never got a chance to get her message across because the coverage of the election never got to issues.

“[T]here was no discussion of the issues. I thought at first, that the president was — the sitting president was just making so many mistakes. Then I realized that, for example, Shorenstein school up at Harvard University, did a study. Only 4% of all the coverage of Hillary was about an issue, 4%. So, the last thing he wanted — she didn’t get a chance to get her message out. No one can tell me what her position was on the things that affect the middle class.”

Anchor Savannah Guthrie asked, “And is that on her as a candidate?”

Biden answered, “No, no, it’s not on her as a candidate. It’s on the nature of the way the campaign was run. Like, for example, the second debate. First thing, you knew Martha Raddatz, smart as a devil, you knew she was going to ask the question of Trump about the tape and about groping. And you knew she was going to turn and say to Hillary, ‘What do you think?’ Well, my argument was, you should have said, ‘Everybody knows Donald Trump. Let me tell you whey think about how I’m going to change your life.’ But the nature of the coverage was so intense about everything from his dalliances, as well as the alleged impropriety of her emails, that it never got to the issues.”

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