Defendant Faints in Court After Learning Guilty Verdict in Murder-for-Hire Case

A woman convicted in a murder-for-hire plot against her ex-husband fainted in court upon hearing the verdict.

Diana Lovejoy, 45, was found guilty Monday of conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder in the attack on Greg Mulvihill, Lovejoy’s ex-husband, in Carlsbad, CA.

Fox 5 footage shows the moment a wide-eyed Lovejoy learned of her guilty verdict. Seconds later, Lovejoy faints, her head making a loud thud on the table as it was announced Weldon McDavid Jr., 50, was also found guilty.

A member of her legal team and an officer both reached out to pull the woman back up.

The judge recessed the proceedings as Lovejoy was assisted.

Court reconvened 30 minutes later without Lovejoy, who was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Lovejoy faces 25 years to life in prison while McDavid faces 50 years to life when sentenced in December.

Lovejoy and Mulvihill were in an ugly divorce and custody battle over their son.

Lovejoy accused Mulvihill of molesting their son and sexually abusing her.

As part of the shared custody, Lovejoy agreed to pay her ex-husband $120,000 that was due in the coming weeks after the shooting.

In September 2016, Mulvihill got a call about information on his ex-wife. He was instructed to go pick up a package of materials pertaining to her.

Mulvihill and a co-worker drove to the specified location and soon noticed what looked like a person lying in a prone position with a rifle pointed at them. Jason Kovach, the co-worker, said they heard gunshots, and he and a wounded Mulvihill ran off.

Mulvihill was shot in the armpit.

Police found human feces in the bushes at the scene of the shooting that were traced to McDavid and determined the phone used to call Mulvihill regarding the materials was purchased by Lovejoy.

McDavid, a former Marine, later testified that he was a trained marksman and that if he had actually wanted to kill the victim he would have.

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