Carpenter: For Every Clinton, There Will Be a Trump and for Every Moore, a Franken — No Party Has ‘Moral Credibility’

Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” network contributor Amanda Carpenter addressed the multiple sexual misconduct accusations involving politics, which led her to say that “for every Clinton, there will be a Trump,” and added that “for every Roy Moore, there will be an Al Franken.”

Carpenter said, “There is a lesson here. There should be no politics when it comes to sex abuse, because for every Clinton there will be a Trump, for every Roy Moore there will be an Al Franken. And once you’ve covered up for one, you’ve lost the moral credibility to hold the other to account. So nobody has the moral credibility to hold anybody accountable anymore. This is the mess that we’re in.”

She added, “And I’m so disappointed in the Alabama Republican Party because this isn’t a problem that the Washington Post can solve, this isn’t a problem that Donald Trump can solve. The Alabama Republican Party has to decide if they want to have standards for the people that run in their elections. The governor is a woman. She has the ability, she has a toolkit she could use to delay the election. She will not use them. She says people should vote for him. And we’re in the terrible situation where our politics are so polarized that people in Alabama would quite forthrightly vote for a man accused multiple times of sexual assault than a Democrat because they feel like our politics are such high stakes.”

(h/t Grabien)

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