Megyn Kelly: Trump ‘Tone Deaf’ For Criticizing Franken

Friday, NBC morning host Megyn Kelly said President Donald Trump was “tone deaf” to criticize Sen. Al Franken (D-N) over inappropriate sexual behavior.

Kelly said, “We could soon have not one, but two sitting U.S. senators accused of sexual assault. Not to mention our president. Fear not, women of America, all is well. All is — it’s fine. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota has been accused of forcefully kissing radio personality Leeann Tweeden without her consent and also groping her breasts while she was asleep during a USO tour to the Middle East in 2006. Two years before Senator Franken ran for office. This picture appears to show Mr. Franken’s hands hovering over her breasts.”

She continued, “Last night President Trump felt the need to weigh in on this tweeting ‘The Al Frankenstein picture is really bad speaks a thousand words.’ He went on to ask, ‘Where do his hands go in picture two, three, four, five and six while she sleeps?’ And then this from Mr. Trump, ‘And to think just last week he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women.’ I Know. Who that has been accused of sexual assault would have the gall to preach to others about sexual misconduct?. How infuriating that would be. How tone deaf, Mr. President.”

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