Fmr Abbas Adviser: Negotiations ‘Bound to Fail’ – PA Should Push ‘To Have Israel Isolated’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” Diana Buttu, former legal adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, argued that negotiations with Israel are doomed to fail, and the Palestinian Authority should push for Israel to be sanctioned and isolated.

Buttu said, “I don’t think that the Palestinian Authority has done enough to push back on this issue, and neither has the rest of the world. For 25 years, this peace process has taken shape and taken place, all we’ve heard is mealy-mouthed statements on the part of diplomats and all we’ve heard from the Palestinian Authority is a demand to return to negotiations, negotiations which are bound to fail and have continued to fail for 25 years. Instead, what they should have done, and what they should be doing now, is pushing to hold Israel accountable. We should be pushing for sanctions. We should be pushing to have Israel isolated, and pushing for Israel to be held accountable.”

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