Clyburn: Congressional Black Caucus Will Pursue Censure for Trump Over ‘Shithole’ Comments

Friday on CNN’s “Wolf,” Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said the Congressional Black Caucus would pursue a “censure resolution” for President Donald Trump reportedly referring to some nations as “shithole countries” at an immigration policy meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers,

Clyburn “I think the impact has been dramatic. I think that the president has really stepped into it here. I think that the Congressional Black Caucus has solidified around some efforts that I think will take place next week, one of which is to pursue a censure resolution. And I am hopeful that we will do that and get bipartisan support for it.”

He continued, “The president is the commander-in-chief. And this is kind of what we call conduct unbecoming of an officer. And if a general or some other line officer in the military were to say something like this, he would be censured, or she. I think that it should occur here with the commander-in-chief at a minimum.”

He added, “And then of course when we get back next week, I think that the Congress ought to sit down in a bipartisan way to find what it is we are trying to do on behalf of DREAMers, get DACA done. Let’s look at what we should do with border security and let’s take this discussion about immigration off of this issue. It should not be in here. I said to my colleagues yesterday, and last evening, this is a smokescreen. I think the president is doing what he does so often. He is going to stick it to DACA recipients. He is going to give the backhand to DREAMers and using this discussion as a camouflage for doing that. So we ought to step out of these discussions about immigration policy, put it in something where it ought to be, get back to discussing a budget resolution, and get a continuing resolution to go forward or put a budget in place, tie it all to the president’s wishes on border security, our wishes on behalf of DREAMers and let’s go forward and stop this discussion. This is a camouflage.”

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