Graham on Military Parade: ‘Soviet-Style Hardware Display’ Is a ‘Cheesy’ ‘Sign of Weakness’

Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told CNN’s Manu Raju President Donald Trump’s plan to have a military parade would be fine as long as it is not a “Soviet-style hardware display.”

Graham said, “I don’t mind having a parade honoring the service and sacrifice of our military members. But I’m not looking for a Soviet-style hardware display. That’s not who we are. It’s kind of cheesy, and I think shows weakness quite frankly.”

He added, “But have a parade where you can display our finest, and we can all say thank you and honor them would be fine. I would like to see kids marching. I would like to honor military families. The idea of saying thank you through a parade makes sense. The idea of showing muscle through a parade I think is counter to what we are about and would actually be a sign of weakness. Honor the military through an annual parade—count me in. I just don’t want it to become about hardware. I want it to become about people.”

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