McCarthy: Obama Admin 4th Amendment ‘Overreach’ Will Be Bigger Story Than Russia Collusion

Wednesday on the “Hugh Hewitt Show,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) predicted  that “overreach on the 4th Amendment” by the Obama administration will become bigger story than possible collusion between the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump and Russia.

Partial transcript as follows:

HEWITT: And that’s where it is today. That’s good. Let me close by talking about the House Intel Committee. The Schiff-Nunes split, or the Nunes-Schiff split is pretty deep.


HEWITT: And Adam Schiff is your colleague from California. I’ve talked with him in airports before. He’s a nice guy until he goes on TV.


HEWITT: And then he turns into this complete, utter fabricator. I mean, I just can’t come up with any…

MCCARTHY: It’s a whole different person.

HEWITT: What is going on with him?

MCCARTHY: I don’t quite know, because this is the not the Adam Schiff you had for years here. And he is a really a fundamentally different person on the television. And remember what he said prior to the investigation, that he had, and I’ll get the phrase incorrectly, but he gave something to the point that he had evidence that Trump was guilty before the investigation started. And then to what he did, they all voted against letting the information out about FISA. Every Republican voted for the Republican version and the Democrat version. And you know you can’t put methods in there. The one thing that the Republican memo did, they went to the FBI ahead of time and said scrub it. The Democrats did not, because they want to play games with it. And the President cannot put that out there, because it would put our agents in jeopardy and others who are gathering this information. But you know the FISA Court better than almost anyone. This is a unique court. You can’t go before them and to have three different times and withhold where you know the dossier is coming from, that it was from Steele and the Democrats are paying for it.

HEWITT: Now 30 seconds, Kevin McCarthy, do you believe this will end up being more about Obama administration wrongdoing or about Trump campaign wrongdoing, 30 seconds?

MCCARTHY: Much more about Obama’s overreach on the 4th Amendment than anything about Trump and the election.

HEWITT: Remarkable. Kevin McCarthy, congratulations on a great start to 2018. Good luck on getting an immigration compromise done. Come back early and often, even when you’re chief of staff.

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