Michael Steele: Evangelicals Supporting Trump in Light of Sexual Misconduct Allegations ‘a Bunch of BS’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Michael Steele said evangelical Christians who support President Donald Trump in light of several recent developments in lawsuits of women who claim both extramarital affairs and sexual misconduct was “a bunch of BS.”

Steele said, “As I have said before, for the last 35 years, you have condemned everybody else in this country for how they lived their lives, very publicly and in a very embarrassing way. Here you have a man in the White House with all of this ‘ish’ coming out about him and his behavior—and you’re giving him a mulligan? I said before, repeat, here again, we don’t want to hear it.”

He added, “If you have this public stance that we are with the president, he gets to do a mulligan, don’t get me in a corner privately and say, you know, ‘we’re really concerned about his behavior, this is so upsetting.’ That’s just a bunch of BS. The American people aren’t buying it. Enough’s enough with it.”

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